To wear or not to wear sandals with tights. That’s the question many of you may be asking yourself as you get ready for the arrival of Summer. On the one hand, we all want to feel comfy and cool when it’s warm, but going bare leg isn’t an option for many people. We know for a fact that many people out there wear hosiery all year round. This is what you have to take into account to wear sandals with tights (and, of course, sandals with socks) in style.

How to wear sandals with tights

Oroblu Flower Daisy Tights

When you have the right pair of tights, it doesn’t really matter if you wear them with flat shoes, trainers, high heels or stripped sandals. They will look as amazing no matter the heels or the style! Look at the Oroblu Daisy Tights above. Gorgeous style, right? Here you have a perfect example of how a great pair of tattoo-printed tights can look great with heeled sandals. Now imagine them with ankle boots. Wouldn’t they still look beautiful?

– Wear something you truly love!

Pretty Polly Geo Net Tights
Fishnets + Sandals: Pretty Polly Geo Net Tights

The ultimate tip to wearing tights with sandals is looking natural. To do so, you should wear hosiery you feel comfortable wearing. When one feels comfortable, everyone around notices that self-confidence. If you are into fishnets, wear fishnets. If you prefer polka dot tights, just wear them with sandals! What about if you are a fan of lace tights? Go for it!

Pierre Mantoux Zaira Fashion Tights
Now on sale: Pierre Mantoux Zaira Fashion Tights

Look at these patterned tights above. Don’t they just look amazing with those sandals? These are the kind of tights you can wear day and night, too. From the office to the pub!

– Sheer better than opaque. Colourful better than simply black:

Trasparenze Oleandro 20 denier Coloured Tights pink
On trend: Trasparenze Oleandro 20 denier coloured tights

We know a good pair of black opaque tights can be life-saver, but you have many other chances to wear them around the year. Why not going for sheer styles, instead? After all, you don’t need to layer up in summer. This is the summer for coloured tights: red, yellow, Emerald green, pink… all bright colours! At the same time, though, pastel colours are also on trend: mint, peach, sky blue and pale pink are right on the spot! We, of course, have them all!

Is it better to wear sandals with toeless hosiery?

Not really. If you are looking for a natural look, sometimes sandal-toe hosiery can work better than toeless tights. It really depends on the sandals you’ll be wearing:

  • Toeless Tights: Better with sandals with a thick strap over the toes, slides and other peep-toe styles:
Levante Senza No Toe Tights with sandals
Hello, toes! Levante Senza No Toe Tights
  • Sandal toe tights: Can you see the edges of your toeless tights? Then it’s better to choose sandal toe tights, this is, those tights without reinforced toes. If you go for ultra sheer tights, only those looking closely at your toes will notice the difference. We’d avoid wearing reinforced tights with sandals.

What about socks? Is it OK to wear socks with sandals?

Trasparenze Ananas Net Socks
Try out: Trasparenze Fishnet Socks with sandals

Yes, it is totally acceptable to wear socks with sandals. Not only ankle highs but also thicker socks, such as the white sporty ones. Fishnet socks, patterned styles and see-through styles, with florals and other details, are on trend. Jazzy styles with funky prints or bright colours, too. We know this style isn’t for everyone, but, if you dare to wear them, you have plenty of cute ankle highs and socks to choose from at UK Tights!


  1. Everyone has a input socks I say no would rather wear a nice pair of tights no matter the color.

  2. I’m a CD and I wear very sheer pantyhose with my high heeled sandals, I love the feel and the look. And I get a lot of looks, wish I love. I’ve had some women make some nice comments! I love that.

  3. For me, tights are perfect with sandals. I love wearing nude tights in summer with sandals

  4. Problem with your article is all the shoes you shower were not sandles but high heels!

  5. I wear nude sandal tights with heeld sandles as i think they make my legs look nice.

  6. We chose nice-looking pictures and hosiery styles, but unfortunately, we cannot ask the manufacturers to shoot them in every single shoe style. All of them will look amazing with sandals, just like high heels.

  7. Personally I find tights look very sexy with sandals, people should wear whatever they are comfortable with, I wear tights with sandals allot in the summer, also I wear tights with shorts all the time in the summer and I dont think that anyone even notices, people are in their own little worlds.

  8. Socks with heels is such an uber cute look, very sexy and girlie. As a guy, I can’t help but notice and admire any girl dressed like that.

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