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UK Tights Is On Squidoo

What, a new social media thing? Not really. Squidoo is a fantastic article service where you can create helpful guides, how-to articles and lists about a topic you know something about. Like a cross between a blog and eHow.

So what’s all this mean and how does it affect you? Squidoo has got all sorts of features, like polls, questionnaires and discussion circles which makes it a great and fun experience. Also, the powers that be down at Squidoo only publish articles to the public that have been read and shared by a number of people already, so only those articles that people like and have found useful get coverage.

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This makes it a distillery of fine information and quality articles about hosiery. Yesterday, we published our first lines, which is Squidoo’s word for a focused how-to guide on a specific topic. Our lense is called 3 Ways To Find The Perfect Legwear. It has tips on what factors you should look at when you’re trying to revolutionise your outfit or wardrobe.

Squidoo is a friendly, fun and joyous service that’s not at all dry, dusty or overly-academic. Yes, it’s written by experts, but no it’s not full of jargon or overly technical mumbo jumbo. You can browse for hours and find out so much about the things you are interested in. Have fun. 

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