At UK Tights, we love tights above all things, but that’s nothing new, right? Our aim is to share our love for hosiery and to solve any unanswered tights questions you may have. We have put them all together in this tights Q&A for you to read. Take your time, as we intend it to be long (hopefully, not tedious). Ready?

Q: Why wearing tights?

A: Why not? Tights may your legs look better: longer, slimmer, with a better tone (if you’re going for tan tights)… Tights protect you from climate changes: if it’s cold out there, a pair of opaque tights can become life-savers; if it’s warm, your legs won’t touch as you walk (bye bye, leg chafing). Tights are like makeup for your legs!

Fogal All Nude 10 Denier Tights for all skin tones

Wearing tights is a synonym of elegance. Why do you think women in the Royal family always wear hosiery?

A little black dress looks more glamorous worn with black sheer tights. Can you imagine a wedding without bridal stockings? Hosiery is part of every important moment in a person’s life.

You may have never thought of this, but tights actually let you express the way you are. If you are an elegant person who likes dressing up in smart clothes and taking care of your body and your style, wearing sheer tights can show others how you are.

If you are a creative person, you may like wearing funky tights. A pair of coloured tights will add the final touch to your outfit. 

Wearing a boring outfit? Put on some patterned tights and they’ll drive all the attention to your legs.

Q: How do I know what is the right size of tights for me?

Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights guide
The Wolford Comfort Cut Tights have a customisable waistband

A: Every person generally knows what dress size or shoe size you are, right? In the case of the tights, it gets a little bit more complicated. We strongly advise you to check the size chart for every product before adding it to the basket. Some brands even have different size charts for different products, although that’s not the usual.

Generally speaking, we can say that brands’ sizing tends to be consistent. Italian hosiery brands tend to manufacture shorter and smaller tights, while German hosiery is usually longer, ideal for the longer leg.

The composition is also relevant, as elastane/spandex/Lycra adapts better to the shapes of your body. If you are going for 100% Nylon tights or silky hosiery, you need to make sure you have the right size for your weight and height or they won’t fit you.

And remember, when you are in between sizes, you should always go for the larger size just to be safe they fit!

Q: What means denier in hosiery?

A: Denier is the weight of the fabric. Usually, the heavier and thicker the material, the higher the denier. We wrote an amazing blog post explaining everything you need you to know about denier you can take a look if you want to know more about this.

The basic info you need to know is this: the higher is the denier, the thicker and stronger your tights would be. This means your tights are less likely to get laddered. On the other hand, low denier tights (up to 30 deniers) always look more elegant. If ruining your sheer tights is something you’re worried about, you can always go for low denier run-resist tights.


Q: Can I wear tights if I’m pregnant?

Spanx Mama Sheer Maternity Tights

A: Yes, absolutely. Pregnant women can wear tights and leggings. Actually, many maternity tights adapt to the growing bump as women move towards the third trimester.

Some maternity tights offer additional back support, too.

If you want to know more, you can always take a look at our blog post about false myths about maternity tights.

Q: Can men wear tights?

A: Yes, of course. Some brands are specially designed for the male body shape, but many men wear regular brands. Our male customers’ favourite brands of hosiery for men are Wolford, Glamory, Falke and Kunert, as their fit is ideal for longer legs and they manufacture larger sizes, too.

Q: Can I go “commando” wearing tights?

A: Yes, you can wear your tights on their own, without any underwear. Some people prefer this to wear your undies and your tights; some others don’t like it. Just make sure you go for tights with cotton gusset, instead of the nylon ones.

Q: What about the socks? Can I wear socks with tights?

A: Yes, you can. It’s something many of you tell us you do when it’s worn or when you wear trainers or thick boots. We’d suggest you go for tights reinforced in the toes to prevent any holes.


Wolford Essentials Care kit

Q: How often do I have to wash my tights?

A: Ideally, you should wash your tights after every wear.

Wearing dirty tights can raise the risk of yeast infections and UTIs, so better safe than sorry! Better keep your pantyhose clean and avoid any discomfort.

Q: How should I wash my tights?

A: Here you have to options: the ideal and the more practical one. Most manufacturers will tell you hand wash your tights with hosiery wash or neutral soap. This is what we recommend, too. Hand-washing your tights prevents them from any pulls, distortions or shrinks.

Now, we know many of you have busy lives, so there’s an alternative to hand washing: putting your dirty tights inside of a hosiery bag and wash them in your washing machine with a cold-water program (better if it’s a short program, too). Machine-washing your tights without a hosiery bag shortens the life of your tights, so don’t do it to your favourite pair of tights!

Do you have any more questions? Leave them in the comments and we’ll answer them and add them to our Tights Q&A. 


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  1. Tights are the greatest thing to compliment your legs with any outfit regardless of color or style. I wear daily guess am lucky being a str8 male wearer that wears as fashion only. I don’t have to worry about matching a outfit cause if out I wear under my pants naturally because of societies views on men wearing as fashion.

  2. I love my tights.I always wear them underneath my skirts. Will never be without them.

  3. True, when you are in any public setting the classiest women there, any time of year, is wearing tights or hosiery. And the brand of tights is also evident. Was in a large hardware store a month ago and a very classy, euro style woman came in and just the act of buying LED light bulbs brought a hush to the place. This empowers a Woman and garners respect. A lot from such a simple investment and clothing accessory. Tights speak loudly!

  4. Tights are the most uncomfortable and unhygienic garment ever invented !
    Hold-ups are much much better.
    More comfortable, more hygienic, easy to put on / take off, easy to wear.
    Just wish that there was more variety, colours, styles, patterns.

  5. Great advice concerning washing. I usually wash tights at 40C with other clothes, but will be investing in a hosiery bag and washing on a short cool wash in future.

  6. Great writeup. Tights promote health. Keep you warm. Provide support. Good for walking, after all cyclists do it. And after 200 years, its about time men were allowed tights again! Thats called equality.

    Stephen Britt

  7. That’s great. We’re glad we helped you. On the meantime, you can use a pillowcase, instead of a hosiery wash bag, to protect your delicates when using a washing machine.

  8. Thanks for your comment, Barbara.
    We don’t really find tights uncomfortable or unhygienic. On the one hand, wearing tights or hold ups is a personal choice. You can wear one of them, none of them or both, tights or hold ups, and that’s totally fine. On the other hand, we don’t see why something you wash often can be unhygienic. After all, you should also wash your hold ups after every wear using neutral soap or hosiery wash not to ruin the elastic band in the hold ups.
    We agree with you that there should be more styles and variety of hold ups. We always try to order a large selection of fashion hold ups, but unfortunately, there is never much variety as in the tights.
    Thanks again for your comment.
    UK Tights team

  9. I love tights and wear them daily I am a straight male and I think tights are the best item of clothing invented, you can never have enough tights this blog is very good and UK Thighs is the best .

  10. Hosiery has an infinite way of dressing your legs. If you love your legs you can make them look elegant, sexy, funky and so much more. Never stop exploring and it’s great knowing people are stealing glances at your pins.

  11. Thanks for your lovely words, Stephen! And yes, you can never have enough tights… or shoes! ;)
    Thanks for your comment!
    UK Tights team

  12. Tights are fantastic, the best invention for legs ever. It’s just a shame that society sees it unacceptable for men to wear them. I thought this was 2018 where we live in an equal society? It’s also noted that most of the posts are from men so there must be a lot of us out there wearing tights under our trousers. Thing is though they look great with shorts. One day maybe, love the site btw UK Tights.

  13. Awww thanks for your compliment! We understand tights as gender-neutral, even if we have to acknowledge that some styles seem more feminine than others (eg some back-seamed stockings). We always try to respect all points of view, don’t judge anyone and simply focus on creating helpful content for the fans of hosiery like us.
    Thanks again.
    UK Tights team

  14. I love Wearing tights, they make your legs feel great, they keep you going throughout the day, especially support tights. I only wish it wasn’t looked upon as being gay for a male to wear tights. From what I read on the net most men who wear tights are straight. It’s about time that society realised tights are for both sexes. Why should they be seen as for women only. There are definitely styles I wouldn’t wear but, the more neutral styles look good on men as well as women. I do prefer the brands aimed at women. I don’t like the tights made for men, the ones for women are better and cheaper, although Wolford Neons are by far my favs.
    You do a great job UK Tights in not making a distinction between the two sexes. Well done UK Tights, Dawn and her staff.

  15. Awww thanks for your lovely feedback! We couldn’t agree more with your words. Wearing tights doesn’t define a person’s sexual identity. No man is “less man” for wearing tights!
    Nice taste there, by the way! The Wolford Neon tights are absolutely amazing! They are one of our bestseller styles indeed.
    UK Tights team

  16. Hi, I have always wondered the percentage of men who wear tights or stockings. Maybe if enough men buy from your site, you could do some tips for men in a blog. You could answer questions from men to help us out. As an example I have always wondered how men are wearing without being caught. So I wear tights most days but I put socks on to cover my ankle encase my trousers ride up. I also wear them under underwear so I can hide the waist band. How does everyone else do it, or do people simply not worry so much anymore. Before the internet and sites like yours I held a belief I was in a very very small minority, but I tend to think now that men wearing tights and stockings is far more common. Anyway, great site and keep up the good work.

  17. Hi Stuart,
    The percentage of men who buy from us is around 40-45%. Most of them buy tights to wear themselves, although a part of these men doesn’t wear them in public. Many of them go for thicker denier tights to wear under trousers so that nobody can really check if they are tights or knee-highs, if that’s something that worries you. Maybe try hold ups, in case they work better for you, not having a waistband. Or you can check Cecilia de Rafael’s waist-less styles? It’s really a personal thing, so you could check the blog of Hosiery for Men for tips. We work with him often and I’m sure they have good tips for you.
    Thanks for your support :)
    UK Tights team

  18. I’ve worn tights for roughly 35 years, I’m a Straight Married Male and my wife doesn’t mind that I wear tights, hold ups, or stockings, we have been married for 27 years now. I wear them for many reasons- I love how they feel, I think they look great, they keep me warm, they make legs feel great, and I like to see the reactions on peoples faces when they notice them under my pants. I just love to be different yet normal, and I also like to feel a lil feminine once in a while. I like to layer them with either fishnets, stockings, or Thigh high (over the knee) socks. I wear them almost everyday, and enjoy every minute that I wear them. I am by no means embarrassed when I wear them, I just wish society wasn’t so critical and would just accept the fact that tights are for men and women! Thank you for your wonderful website/blog!!

  19. Thanks for your testimony, Rick, and your kind words. Many of our male followers also choose to wear hosiery almost every day. We are always happy to meet people who share our passion for hosiery! Thanks
    UK Tights team

  20. I’m a straight man who has had a love of tights since i was 7 – both to look at women wearing them, and wearing them myself. They feel fantastic to wear and very sensual. Definitely the greatest, and sexiest, item of clothing ever. I think if they were generally accepted for men to wear, as well as women, it would lose the thrill of wearing them in secret, and the honest truth is that they don’t suit men as well as women, as generally, women have better and shapelier legs. But i’ll always be a fan of tights.

  21. It would help men to buy tights in the UK if your company used the Post Office service – Local Collect, where you can collect delivered parcels for free at your local Post Office.

  22. Thanks for your feedback, Frank. We tried Collect + in the past and it didn’t work for us. We didn’t have enough individual orders to keep it going. It was also very restrictive for us (with Royal Mail you can place an order by 5pm and receive next day -1pm for Collect + it was-). Customers usually prefer to have their items home-delivered, since the envelopes and boxes are opaque and we ship them as
    ‘Web Shop Direct’ (not UK Tights) to make it completely anonymous. We’ll look into your idea anyway. Thanks!

  23. I love tights and have recently been wearing them regularly. I am wondering if anyone can tell me why it is that with some tights the yarn goes ‘knobbly’ in patches in and around the crotch area? I have noticed this with M&S and Cindy tights brands although i suspect the latter is a cheap brand? I find this annoying! I am still looking for the right tights for me; I like them with the reinforced panty, and have been trying various brands to try to find perfection! I ma getting good at putting them on/off without laddering now but would love to know how to cure the aforementioned problem.. Any tips welcome. Thanks! Joanne

  24. Hi Joanne,
    It’s probably bad quality. In the hosiery world, you really get what you pay. So, often cheaper tights will have patchy fabric after a few wears and washes. Make sure you are washing your tights the right way: hand-wash, if possible, with a neutral soap or Soak soap. That should also help your tights last longer and patch-free.
    Thanks for your comment, Joanne!
    UK Tights team

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