The Twin Pillars of Classic Design

Sometimes, you can tell when a relationship is going to be long and fruitful the moment you meet a new group of people. For example, Sarah Borghi. It is one of our most recently added brands, and their Sarah Borghi’s fashion tights have been well-loved from the very first day. Their designs sold faster than most we’ve ever hosted here, but they’re designs captured our hearts from day one.

We’re very glad that one of their new designs is now with us, and we’re even more glad that it embodies exactly what we think fashion should try to be. Lucilla is such a beautiful piece of design work that we decided to put it on our homepage.

Oroblu Lucilla Monochrome Tights


Solid black lines on a off-white or sheer black leg are almost Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in style, and we’ve seen similar, but none that have performed a drastic turn around at the last minute and left the upper thigh bare. They’re mock hold ups, really. And they’re vertically striped, which is always a strong pattern to choose. Sarah Borghi’s Lucilla Fashion Tights are simple and clean, without interruption. They’re adaptable to the workplace and the dancefloor, and look equally as good against both backdrops. Flexibility and simple beauty are the pillars of classic design.

This is why we’re so struck by Sarah Borghi, and why we know in our bones they’ll be with us for long time yet.

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  1. Hi Emalie,
    I’m afraid we stopped selling Sarah Borghi hosiery a few years ago. I’m sorry about that. Let us know if you want any suggestions on alternative hosiery brands.
    UK Tights team

  2. [email protected]
    I am trying to find out where to purchase the Sarah Borghi lucilla tites.

  3. gary clitheroe says:

    wow wow i sooooo love those stripe tights there sooooo beautiful and georgous love the design love the feature compliments to uk tights love ya stuff oh ps also love your blog site nice to see your nice old blogs too nice x

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