The New UK Tights Company Mascot

Where would a company be without its ambassador to the public, especially when the company is a family run business priding itself on customer service? Well, at UK Tights, we have decided to bring the whole family to work with us. Augustus, our pet Dalmatian is now the official UK Tights mascot and with 2 years of experience at being a fine specimen of a canine, he is sure to do us proud.

Gus comes from a long line of show dogs, with his mother being a Cruffs champion, which is why we picked him to be our pet. A perfectly trained young pup that never barks without cause doesn’t knock small children over in excitement and always puts the seat down, we are proud to induct him into the UK Tights family as a true mascot.

Of course, we all thought that he could be a fully fledged employee, if only we could train him to wear an advertising sandwich board, but the RSPCA would have none of it. Mascots are said to bring good luck, so let’s hope our little pooch really is man’s best friend.


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