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Summer Sheers

With summer in full swing, most people are abandoning high denier legwear in favour of sheers, and with the weather getting gradually warmer; some are leaving tights alone completely. However, the Pretty Polly Natural range, a variety of sheer tights, hold-ups, knee highs, and ankle highs are designed to keep the wearer cool and enhance the natural beauty of the legs.

Pretty Polly: Innovative legwear

Pretty Polly has been at the forefront of innovative legwear since their founding in 1919, and with their Natural range, they realize that designing tights to keep the legs cool is not enough, which is why they have also released a range of hold ups, ankle highs and knee highs to suit all tastes.

Not only are the products very low in denier to ensure the greatest effect, but are also made from special yarns, which are exceptionally strong, adding a greater life to the product, and reducing ladders and snags.

We have an entire section just for summer sheers why don’t you take a look. If you are curious about what high denier tights mean read our handy guide.

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