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Commando – The Next Big Name In Leggings (Part 1)

Commando Perfect Control Velvet Leggings

Commando and their items are some of the most exciting and stylish new designs we have seen in a while and some of the highest quality. We have taken on a few of their beautiful items after seeing them grow meteorically in popularity among the most stylish fashionistas. They have become a real overnight success, …

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The ‘Cuban Heel’ Design Is Something You Should Know

Gio Full Contrast Cuban Heel Stockings

What exactly is a Cuban heel stocking? It’s a simple question, but we often get so caught up in the newest fashion trends here at UK Tights. We sometimes forget to make sure about those small but important things. Like those bits of jargon and technical terms that not everyone knows about. We have a …

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Brown Skin Essentials – The New Brand For Darker Tones

Brown Skin Essentials Honey Brown Tights

We get to see many interesting new ideas and concepts for new products here at UK Tights. Some are really innovative, and others are bold and daring. And some we think are perfect for filling a niche we have been scratching our heads over for a long time. That is where Brown Skin Essentials comes …