We always try to keep you all well informed about the latest news and fashion trends, not only in the hosiery industry but in the fashion world. This is the main reason why we decided we had to share with you the news that Red tights were the to-go colour for Winter 2018 and, most certainly, the seasons to come, too!

How to Wear Red Tights

As you know, black tights are still the favourite colour for opaque tights for hosiery wearers and nude tights are the most popular style for sheer hosiery, but some colours, such as Cobalt blue, have been quite popular in the past. Now it’s the turn for red tights to shine. Keep reading to learn how to style your red tights.

Red Tights As Soon In Fashion Magazines

We work closely with fashion magazines all around the world providing them with hosiery for their fashion features and editorials. ELLE, Red, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Fabulous, AnOther, You, Wonderland… the list of magazines UKTights.com has worked with is getting longer and longer. In the last months, many of the stylists at fashion magazines have requested red tights, red stockings and red hold ups. From sheer to opaque styles, all deniers of red hosiery seem to work this season.

Here you have a few pictures of one of our favourite fashion stories, featuring some red tights.

Somebody Like You, i-D Japan Photography Harry Carr Styling Erika Kurihara

Images credits: Somebody Like You, i-D Japan | Photography Harry Carr | Styling Erika Kurihara | Hair Soichi Inagaki at Saint Luke | Make-up James O’Riley at Premier | Casting AAMO | Model: Rina Sawayama

Somebody Like You, i-D Japan Photography Harry Carr Styling Erika Kurihara

How to wear red tights this season?

Wear your red opaque tights with black and white to give your tights all the weight in the outfit. Just look at the picture below. Don’t they look amazing? If you have matching red footwear, you can put together an outfit in burgundy with full red leg, like the pictures above. Do not to put together different red tones. Instead, go for blocked colours. White and black are the safest options, but you can pair your red tights with denim, navy, Cobalt blue, grey, purple and pink (both bright pink and pastel pink tones). 

Somebody Like You, i-D Japan Photography Harry Carr Styling Erika Kurihara


Gipsy 40 denier Red Opaque Tights

Get the look with these red opaque tights: 

What red tone should I go for?

There are many shades of red out there, but the red that will brighten up the street this season is the red of the poppies or a slightly darker version, the “London red”, this is, the red in the London buses.

What about burgundy tights?

Burgundy is also one of the most classic colours for Autumn, always popular for Autumn, as burgundy and wine tights are a good alternative to black tights. This season burgundy is a very popular colour for patterned tights, such as these beautiful burgundy polka dot tights by Oroblu. 

Aren’t you a fan of red tights? Maybe you can try wearing a red coat and pair it with black, navy, white or nude tights! Do give red a try!


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  1. Myself I own many pair of colored tights and love wearing them even if not openly. Wear them under my pants for obvious reasons being male and society not ready seeing men in pantyhose or tights. Any way colored tights accents a outfit and is a great fashion look.

  2. Would love to wear red tights but think age is against me, 80 years! Regularly. Wear. Patterned tights though.
    ,drhaps I should be daring for Christmas!!

  3. Hi Marisn,
    Why don’t you try a Burgundy or a cherry red, instead? Christmas sounds like a perfect time to wear them! :)

  4. Why not wear tights and stockings, under trousers they just look like socks. Never wear anything else. Wish I had the courage to wear a skirt. Happy new year to all customers of UK Tights and the staff who are so supportive.Rupert.

  5. I have always loved red tights. A great look is to pair red tights with some black sheer patterned or fishnet over for a fun and unique look. As a crossdresser my leggs are my best asset and I love to show them off. Girls always ask where I get my awesome tights when I layer them like this. Of course I like to wear a comfy leotard to hold them up as well. Too bad we can’t post pics in here I’d show you, lol.

  6. Hmmm, red tights. Do I like them? No, I LOVE EM.

    How I love seeing (and wearing) red tights, I find them very eyecatching to a point where it may look like I’m staring – I try not too but I probably am subconsciously.

    I will occasionally wear my one and only pair of red tights (gorgeous falke 50 den) when I’m feeling in a daring and rebellious mood and wanting a change from black. A pair of brightly coloured tights (and socks for those who haven’t yet discovered tights) under trousers just give us men a little flash of colour that we don’t usually get to show. Weird as it may sound I like yellow tights for that reason too although these are not easy to find.

    You’re photos in this blog section are superb and show the beauty of the outfits incredibly well, an excellent blog post, thank you.

    I’m thinking I might just wear red on Christmas day.


  7. Love red tights. I like 100 denier. Shows just enough of the legs, but is still thick enough in the winter.

  8. 100 denier should be thick enough for winter, Craig. Bear in mind that the higher the quality, the thicker they will feel, though!
    Thanks for your comment!
    UK Tights team

  9. Thanks for your lovely words, Dave. We’ll pass the good feedback to the photographers, too! We hope you chose red on Christmas day, as it’s the perfect colour for the season! We’re always happy to find people who shares our passion for hosiery, so thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!
    UK Tights team

  10. Thanks for your comment, Rupert! We try to do our best to assist customers with any issues and make their day smoother. Happy New Year to you too!
    UK Tights team

  11. I too love coloured tights, and have treasured packs in the drawer for the future. I can’t wear them at present (2 hip ops make bend and stretch difficult to put tights on accurately, but by the end of 2018, watch this space guys.)
    However, I love knee socks in colours, and have many red, black, (absence of colour I know), prugna, bosco. Especially the bosco (green). I’m old enough at 71 to treasure Leonard Cohen’s ‘It seems so long ago – Nancy’ in which Nancy wore green stockings and ‘she slept with everyone’, well it WAS the 60s. Knee socks will have to do for now. and I’ll keep myself to myself.
    Thanks to all at UK Tights. Oh how I wish I was still lissom and able. But I can dream, and your pages give me endless pause to sigh. I’m off to get some Jennifer Wool socks now. Probably green

  12. Thanks for your kind words. They mean the world to us! The Jennifer Wool Socks are a great choice. So soft and cosy!
    Wishing you a prompt recovery. We’re looking forward to having you back on the tights team!
    UK Tights team

  13. I too feel that I have to resort to wearing tights under trousers, and would just like society to become more accepting of men wearing tights, so that I can get my legs out !

    Over Christmas I had the chance to do just that, the reason being I was attending a fancy dress event. While I was out a woman came up to me, and said how much she liked the look of my tights, (Fogal 30 in cobalt).

  14. Thanks for your comment! Those Fogal tights are fantastic! :)
    We hope society evolves and men feel free to wear tights, too. After all, why not? There’s nothing wrong with it.

  15. I personally don’t see the point of wearing tights under trousers, although each to their own. I wear my red tights with a mini skirt and flat shoes when I am out walking and feel just great !

  16. I recall wearing some winter red tights with a short velvet green dress, to work, when we were supposed to be wearing fancy dress. I said I had come as a piece of holly as I was ‘red, green, and feeling very prickly!’. I loved those red tights and love coloured tights generally. My legs are a bit large now to wear colours as I think they would look even bigger. Shame as there are fab products available.

  17. Dear Miranda,
    You sure looked lovely in red tights! If you don’t think red is for you these days, maybe try burgundy, navy or dark green. These all happen to be on trend and, being darker, you won’t feel like your legs are large. Darker colours always make your legs look longer. Also, you can check for any graphical patterned/printed tights in these colours, as the lines and geometric prints always have a smoothing effect.
    UK Tights team

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