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What Are The Best Hosiery Brands For Tall People?

One of the biggest (and more uncomfortable) problems of wearing tights is having to pull your tights up all the time because they are too short. This inconvenience puts off many people from buying tights, particularly tall people. However, things have changed and many hosiery brands are now committed to manufacture hosiery for tall people, as well as larger sizes. What are the best hosiery brands for tall people?

Wolford: Best Luxury Brand for Tall People


Wolford Individual 10 Tights – £24.99

One of the reasons why everyone loves Wolford is their wonderful fit, particularly for long legs. Wolford have gained popularity in the male sector, too, with a huge fan base. Wolford tights fit up to 6’3″. Furthermore, Wolford has recently started to manufacture their essentials range in XXL size, which fits up to UK 26 dress size.

Cecilia de Rafael: Best Essentials Range for Longer Legs


Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Sheen Tights – £6.99

Why are Cecilia de Rafael tights in second position after Wolford? Well, CdR hosiery has amazing quality-price relation. Just like Wolford, it fits up to 6’3″, but, unlike Wolford designs, Cecilia de Rafael large sizes usually have a back panel.

Gio Stockings: The No. 1 Brand for Stockings for Tall People


Gio RHT Full Contrast Stockings – £16.99

What if you’re a stockings person? We have it sorted. Gio stockings go up to 6’4″! Gio’s size 12.5 fits up to shoe size UK 11 / EU 44. Their range has grown in the last months with new designs, including Manhattan and Havana heels, as well as lovely contrast designs and new colours. Take a look at the Gio Stockings range if you haven’t done it before.

Best Brands for Curvy and Tall People: Glamory, Gerbe and Miss Naughty: 


Glamory Microstar 50 Tights (£15.99), Gerbe Opaque 70 Tights (£26.99) & Miss Naughty Over The Knee Tights (£7.99)

If you are tall and curvy, these three hosiery brands are perfect for you. Glamory’s largest size fits up to 6’7″ (UK dress size 36), while Gerbe and Miss Naughty only go up to 6 feet, but, still, they have a great fit for all those who need plus size hosiery.

More Great Hosiery Brands for Longer Legs: Falke, Levante, Kunert and Hudson: 


Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights (£12.99), Hudson Glamour Glossy Tights (£7.99), Kunert Velvet 40 Opaque Tights (£13.99) & Levante Class Tights (£5.99)

Looking for more hosiery for longer legs? Check out this selection.

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  1. […] you remember we recently posted about the best hosiery brands for tall people? Finding long enough tights is a problem for many people and so it is finding hosiery if you are […]

  2. Hi Helen,
    You’re right about the popularity of Wolford with trans women. Falke are also a great brand, similar to Wolford in quality and large sizing. Thanks for your kind words, Helen, and for trusting on us for your hosiery! Feel free to take a look at our sister site
    We also have Wolford lingerie and bodywear at UK Lingerie, in case you fancy a little treat 🙂
    Thanks again,
    UK Tights team

  3. Helen Middleton says:

    Wolford’s tights are very popular with trans women. I spent 3 days at a hotel stay with about 100 others, and when the conversation got round to hosiery (it always does!), most people who had tried Wolfords wouldn’t buy anything else, including me.

    UK Tights’ fabulous offer of 3 for 2 in the Satin Touch range was a real saving – thank you Dawn! I also bought a pair of Satin Touch Hold Ups in the large size, which fitted me perfectly, coming right up the thigh.

    So, for me, Wolfords, and only Wolfords will do. In addition, they last for ever!


  4. You’re welcome Rain! Let us know if you need further advice. Always happy to help!

  5. Rain says:

    Finally!!! My search for pantyhose for men is over now. Thank you UK Tights!!!!

  6. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for your message. We agree with everything you. They are certainly targeting male buyers, which is great. Around 40% of our sales come from men and most of them buy for themselves. We have sold brands for men, such as Activskin, for years. Apart from the brief area, which is designed to feel more comfortable for men than unisex hosiery, there is no much difference between male-only and regular tights. As you say, wearing tights doesn’t make you less man, the same a girl can wear military boots without being less woman 🙂
    By the way, we already sell many Wolford XL and XXL. Feel free to check them here:
    Thanks for your comment!

  7. Hi,
    Actually Wolford has started to manufacture a size XXL in some of their best-selling products, such as the Wolford Sheer Tights 15 or the Wolford Satin 20 Tights. We believe it’s a clear gesture to attract male buyers and we’re so glad Wolford is following this path. Thanks for your comment!

  8. Dave says:

    Hi Everyone.
    Is it just me or do I see, from reading this article, many more manufacturers beginning to increase their size ranges to take into account a greater in demand from men?
    I think that this is the real reason why we are seeing this more and hopefully uktights will stock the largest sizes available for each product.
    The secret is out, I’m sure demand will grow as more brands take the male market into account.
    It makes business sense not to exclude 50% of an available market (men), but whatever happens I will continue to wear and buy tights whoever they are marketed to – I am comfortable with my masculinity lol.

  9. corsair says:

    so true and so nice. Wolford expands its range with the parfaitementa daptée XL size for man

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