Four Hosiery Innovations You Can’t Miss This Season

We can’t deny how amazed with are with the new hosiery trends for Autumn Winter 2016, as you must have noticed after our most recent posts about fashion trends and hosiery collections. However, there’s something else you need to know about the new AW16 collections: its technological advances!

Do you remember our post about the under-toe seams and other hosiery innovations? Well, there’s more you need to know. These are the four hosiery innovations you can’t miss this season.

A pair of tights without a waistband? Yes, it’s happening!


Had you ever imagine you could own a pair of sheer tights without a waistband? Cecilia de Rafael has made it possible! The new Cecilia de Rafael Eterno 15 Tights are more than a regular pair of glossy sheer tights. They are an extremely comfortable pair of glossy tights! More features? Sandal toe, ladder resist and cotton gusset. Who can resist to great hosiery innovations like these!

Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights: The Ultimate Comfort


Talking about hosiery innovations, this is one of the latest innovations in the fashion world: A customisable waistband!

The waist size of the Wolford Comfort Cut tights is decided by the wearer, who can adjust it by making up to four cuts in the waistband.

What are the benefits of customisable waistbands in hosiery? Many! Tall people often have to wear X Large sizes to fit their long legs. What if you are tall but slender? In this case, you may find the waistband in your tights is too big for you. On the opposite, if you are short and you have a round shape, you will go for wider waistbands. Forget about baggy hosiery: A few cuts here and there and you’ll have your customised tights ready to rock! Everyone who tries them loves them. That can’t be a coincidence!

Couture Ultimates: No Seams Plus No Ladders!


Countdown to the arrival of the new Couture Ultimates range! Are you as excited as we are? In a few days, you’ll be able to judge by yourself. Until then, trust our word when we say this is one of the biggest hosiery innovations in years and it’s a Made-in-Britain innovation! The Couture Ultimates tights are completely seamless, do not ladder (ladder proof, rather than ladder resistant), have a leg smoothing effect and are truly beautiful. These in the picture above are The Diana, one of the seven patterned tights included in their AW16 collection.

The Next Big Thing in Opaques: Nanofabrics


Soft opaque tights are generally made of microfibre, but now Oroblu and Le Bourget have introduced nanofibres, instead of microfibres. Nanofibre yarn creates incredibly soft-touch and silky-effect textiles. Le Bourget Heritage Luxe 60 Denier Tights are the first nanofibre opaque tights we stock, although Oroblu is catching up Le Bourget with new nanofibre sheer tights: Oroblu Divine Tights, as below. The new range of Oroblu will be available very soon at UK Tights is now available at UK Tights!


What hosiery innovation would you like to see in the future?



  1. I would like to see more styles and similar advancements, as well as some positive marketing press for men’s daily wear tights. Durable daily wear tights for use with shorts and trousers could become mainstream with the right company behind them.

  2. I would like to be able to get tights that you can wear with shorts/skirts, that just gives the effect of tanned legs.

  3. Hi Helen,
    If you want people not to notice your hosiery, go for ‘bare’ or ‘make up’ effect tights. They are usually matt, very light denier (under 15 denier) and sandal toe (sheer) or toeless (open toe). Here you have a selection:

  4. Hi Thomas,
    Nowadays most hosiery brands are going for larger and longer designs, so it’s not difficult to find hosiery with better fit for men. We sell a few brands of hosiery for men, but we understand hosiery as unisex and so do many of our customers. Cecilia de Rafael, for instance, is a strong supporter of male customers. They have a male brand ambassador and they manufacture most of their designs in XL and, even XXL (and their fit is indeed quite generous). Same happens with Wolford.
    The new Couture Ultimates range is quite generous in size, so I’m sure you can benefit of these advances. If you are not into patterned tights, you still have two plain opaque tights you can try.
    Hope this helps.
    UK Tights team

  5. Not so much an innovation but an extension of seamless tights across the range of tights. In particular, seamless tights for long, slim legs for those 6′ 4″. Smooth frontage with no visible panty section are a joy to touch and wear.

  6. Past the pretty polly factory today in Belper and saw the manaquin legs in the windows so so so sad nothing has been done to save the the brand just tossed on the scrap heap like everything else that’s British makes me so angry and sad this country is a country I do not regonise anymore

  7. Platino has had a fantastic selection of tights with no waistband for a number of years as part of its laser cut products so the CdR news is not really that exciting.

  8. I would like to see more matt, sheer to waist hosiery in 30/40 denier range. Several years ago Aristoc were excellent but this “tech” seems to have disappeared.
    Further: The hosiery marketplace, quality and consistency, is much too changeable to ever establish brand or even distributor loyalty.
    It is time for the industry to stabilise and generate confidence in quality,
    demand and innovation.
    The hosiery industry never seems to get all it’s ducks in a row so every year is, usually, an experience of disappointment.
    If I can’t buy what I want…I do not buy. Ebay is, surprisingly often, the only way to get what one wants. And buying “new innovations” proves to be an area best left, once again, to Ebay.
    I would like to see manufacturers, wholesalers and the customer achieve some semblance of agreement for a change.
    For every pound I spend with a company like UK Tights – I spend 20 pounds elsewhere in the vain hope I will get what I require….
    p.s. Blogs like this should post every day and be much more proactive about customer demand. It is insulting to say the least that a wholesaler like this cannot be bothered to post “at least” once per day…come on, put some effort in and enjoy your profession. Passion….achieving awesome legs need something more than a bi-monthly wittering. If you don’t do it I will – Alex

  9. I’m happy to know that there are more and more men who are wearing hoserie.
    It’s also nice to know that some brands strongly support the unisex. maybe there will come a time that it will be normal to wear pantyhose in public as a men. For the moment I can only wear them in private. And yes, a lot of brands really fits for men.

  10. Question:
    I am 5’1″, and would love a recommendation of styles, which would fit my shorter legs. Many times, I purchase hosiery online, and they are too long for my leg length, then ‘bag’ or wrinkle at the knees or the ankles.

    Any advise would be much appreciated

  11. I lo e rhee adhesive for hold up ps. I could never get them to stay in place. I always wear pantyhose over my holdups

  12. Hi,

    We have looked into the brand, but unfortunately many of our competitors already stock it and we actually have a greater demand for their range of products. If you are after sheer hosiery in darker skin colours, you can try Pendeza hosiery. Great quality for price!
    Many brands also manufacture hosiery in darker skin colours we don’t usually stock, but if you contact our customer service we can order them only for you 🙂
    Hope this helps.

  13. Hi Rhea,
    To be fair, that’s something very common! These ones would be perfect for you because you have to buy them looking at your height and customise the waistband.
    They are quit expensive, though. If you are small in general, I’d advice going for Italian manufacturers, such as Oroblu or Trasparenze. Italian hosiery is generally shorter. You can also try Charnos hosiery. Always remember to look at the size chart for the product before ordering and don’t be afraid to give us a call if you want advice about any particular product. That’s what we are for here!
    Hope this helps.
    UK Tights team

  14. Oh, Sane, we are so sorry for the people who have lost their jobs. A new company has purchased Pretty Polly, Elbeo and Aristoc and we have actually started to receive new stock, so at least our customers can keep wearing their products. We still have a few hosiery manufacturers in Britain, such as Pretty Legs, in Derbyshire. They work very hard to keep on business.
    Thanks for your comment. Keep coming by 🙂

  15. Hi Trixie,
    In the case of the Couture Ultimates range, the innovation is not only the fitting or the absence of seams, but also the fact that they are ladder proof and, at the same time, their brief is not low waist (as it usually happens with most of the seamless tights).
    Thanks for passing by and taking the time to leave a comment 🙂
    UK Tights team

  16. Dear Alex,
    Thanks for your message. If you are looking for Aristoc tights in 30 denier, you can take a look at this style: and you have similar 30-40 denier products in the Charnos, Pretty Polly, Oroblu, etc. (I’ve just checked and there were over 100 different products). You can contact our customer service for further advice or leave us a message in our social media accounts.
    We’re sorry if you feel like you can’t find what you are after in our store. At the moment we are the largest hosiery retailer on Earth and we extend our stock every week with new brands and designs. Please, feel free to contact us if there is any product in particular you are after and we’ll do our best to get it.
    About the frequency of blog posts, just let you know that this is not the only way to keep yourself well informed about hosiery. We are very active on Social Media and we post every single day on Facebook and Twitter. Please, pay a visit to our pages if you wish so:


    Kind regards,
    UK Tights team

  17. Hi Deidre,
    Thanks for your comment. Platino went into administration a few years ago and, when another company bought the brand, we tried to stock the product you talked about. We know it had been the star of the Platino range, but, unfortunately, it was out of stock by the time. Maybe in a future we can add it to our collection 🙂
    Thanks again.
    UK Tights team

  18. Uk Thights is such a great company. They have such a large number of brands and models. The service is also great. I’m still trying to find the perfect hosiery for me. Well, Pierre Mantoux gets pretty close to (what I think) perfection.
    I’m trilled and excited to find out and try the new nanofiber technique by Le Bourget. I’m putting them already on my Wishlist but I’m waiting to order because I still don’t get any information when the Oroblu Divine Tights, also with the nanofiber technique, will be available. Kindly keep me posted. All the best.

  19. Hi there,
    Thanks for your kind words 🙂
    We agree with you, Pierre Mantoux styles are probably the closest thing to perfection! We’re sorry if you haven’t been able to get any information about the Oroblu Divine Tights. Oroblu has confirmed us they are shipping them very soon, so it’s just a matter of days until we receive them. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive an email with the news as soon as we receive them. If not, maybe you can check our website in 1 to 2 weeks maybe?
    Hope this helps. Thanks again for your support!
    Kind regards,
    UK Tights team

  20. I would like to see a range of affordable tan/natural opaque tights from 40 to100 denier. They were available at BHS, but they have now closed. I have been buying ballet tights. However, they are more expensive than the average price.With Winter approaching, it would be nice to have an alternative to black opaques.

  21. Hi Graeme,
    Here you have a collection of around 200 tights of 40-110 denier under £15
    It includes all kind of styles (even some kids ones, sorry about that). If you are after nude/tan tights with similar characteristics, take a look at these ones: The Oroblu Repos 40 and 70 are very popular. They all have good reviews. If you’re after less expensive, you can try Elbeo Active tights or maybe some Guilia tights, which are quite good, too.
    We hope this helps.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Kind regards,
    UK Tights team

  22. really looking forward to discovering the new Wolford Tights Comfort Cut 40

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