For Shame, Tech Elves!

We swear we’re normally more professional than this.

We know that’s not convincing, considering the royal mess we made yesterday. Just trust us, everything will be fine.

What? You haven’t seen the shameful, embarrassing mistake we made? You mustn’t be signed up to our free newsletter, then! If you haven’t been exposed to this monstrous mishap, then you can ignore everything below. What you don’t know can’t hurt you!

If you are signed up to our newsletter, then let me explain the false headline “Buy One Get One Free on Summer Tights”.

It all started about eight days ago when Santa’s Elves were hanging about the office, amusing themselves with 1’s and 0’s or whatever. They decided to do some mad offer for Summer tights. So the rest of the week was spent programming a stratospherically complex code that would give you a generous offer on any Pretty Polly Naturals your bought.

Unfortunately, as you may know, Elves are native to Lapland. The unnatural heat of the past week (told you so) has frazzled their puny brains and they’ve misspelt the title of our newsletter. Perhaps margaritas don’t help, either.

It was supposed to read, “Buy One Get One Half Price on Summer Tights”.

That’s how all this confusion occurred. For shame, little Tech Elves.

The good news is, of course, we have a load of Summer tights that you can get for half price after your first pair! This is indisputably cool stuff. The offer is only on Pretty Polly’s Summer tights, and we’ll be running it until next Sunday when we’ll put up a new offer! Aren’t we good to you?!

Remember, our newsletter is the only way to get these kinds of discounts and freebies.

Like this one.

. . .

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