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I’m sure you have heard this same catchphrase many times before from us at UK Tights, but it must be said once more. Customer service is our number one priority. As we value our customers so much, we would like to give them the opportunity to help make our site better and to spread information about the products on offer here.

This is why our blog section is open to comments from the public, and information about the items is always welcome. One type of comment we have had a few of in the past is customer reviews. It fills me with a great sense of pride to know that my blogging has helped others by giving them hints on what products they might benefit from. For example, an earlier post on dancer’s tights caused a flood of emails when readers found that high support tights are not just useful for dancers, but can also benefit everyday physical activities such as housework.

So if you have any information on certain products you’ve purchased, whether it be from us or a department store (don’t worry, we won’t get offended!), please share them and it might help others get hold of the hosiery they need.


  1. Iv’e been buying my hosiery from UK Tights for years and I have never been let down. My number one item of all time is the Cervin brand, they are a little more expensive, but the quality is amazing, you might end up paying three times as much for luxury hosiery with these, but really you get four times as long wearing them before they wear out and when you wash them they dont fade for ages! Feel (and hopefully look!) a million pounds in these!!!

  2. I have thought about this myself and you could not have explained it better!

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