Legs rock! We celebrate the return of tights to the catwalk. Fashion designers and stylists didn’t seem to be into wearing sheer tights, but, since we saw them in trend the last winter, things have changed. Next to cool patterns sheer tights in skin tones are a returning trend one cannot get around each spring summer season.

Nude-sheer-tights-are-back-on-trendApparently-naked and pleasingly natural, yet dressed and flawlessly beautiful. Once a fashionable no-go, they take centre stage, again and again, each year – skin-coloured tights. Wearing sheer tights with sandals is following the catwalk trends.

Next to transparent make-up and shaping lingerie, they have become an essential part of the daily routine in each woman’s life. Nearly invisible they create an amazing complexion while the choice of skin colours is remarkable, starting with a fair cosmetic-tone coming to a dark nearly-black. The variety of shades to match your skin tone all year round allows for refined legs throughout the summer and takes that flawless appearance even beyond.

Wolford Nude 8 Tights
Wolford Nude 8 Tights. A make-up effect for your legs

At the same time, different styles conceal skillfully tiny little blemishes, create delicate bronzing-effects and offer smart add-ons such as leg-support and forming functions.

Let’s take a closer at some of the highlights among the Wolford sheer tights collection:

  • The Wolford Pure 10 Tights combine a unique material which is softer than silk and an innovative bonding technique for the most delicate look and feel.
  • With the Wolford Pure 30 Complete Support Tights, true all-rounders quintessential must-haves are here to cover all your needs. They shape the tummy, lift the booty and revitalize your legs while also using that bonding technique making them apparently seamless.
  • Finally, the Wolford Nude 8 Tights mark the epitome of the second-skin concept leaving the leg seemingly naked with a flawless touch.
Wolford Pure 10 Tights
Pure 10 Tights: Thick comfy waistband, seamless brief & silk-like yarn

As you know, some of Wolford’s best-selling styles are available in saving packs, for all of you who fancy wearing sheer tights every day. With a large skin tone selection, Wolford makes sure your tights match your skin tone.

Have you tried Wolford sheer tights before? What colour do you usually wear?


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  1. I love my Wolford sheer tights. They are so nice to wear with my skirts and under jeans. The wide waist band makes them very comfy.

  2. Nice article.

    Do not forget that boys also sometimes wear tights. It’s my case, and I don’t hesitate to wear my Wolford sheer tights under my trousers when it’s cold !

  3. We never forget! It’s only the cool models and celebrities we mean when we say “girls”. We know many guys go for sheer tights, too, and yes, Wolford are the best out there!

  4. Wolford are the best tights by miles. They are the most comfortable, they are expensive but worth every penny. I’d love to know what percentage of male clients buy Wolford over women. My guess would be the men may be a higher percentage in that brand. Great great tights.

  5. We have actually looked it up in the past and it’s about 50%. You see, many men, just like women, don’t care too much for good fitting and prefer a bargain. I guess when you try Wolford for the first time you stop looking for bargains and focus on quality.
    Thanks for your comment!
    UK Tights team

  6. I wear tights daily as fashion they look and feel great on plus my legs look magnificent wearing them. To bad I can’t wear them openly in the proper way like with shorts so am stuck with wearing them under my pants if out. It’s about time that men have more fashion choices not just the drab fashion.

  7. Fashion evolves, Randall, and we are completely sure this would eventually change. Keep wearing what you like; who cares what society has to say about it! :)
    Thanks for your comment
    UK Tights team

  8. I am a male have just put on a pair of leopard print ladies tights should I wear these

  9. My wife recently bought me two pairs of Wolford Luxe 9 tights for our anniversary. The fabric and fit are amazing, they are by far the most comfortable tights I’ve ever worn. The only downside is that I have to wear them under my trousers. It’s all about the quality of the yarn and fit and Wolford really hit the mark with these. The available colours are also spot on.

  10. I find the phrase in one of your posts very offensive, namely “Shame society has this idea that men wearing (tights) are all the same as perverts, weirdo’s , TV , TG, etc.”. Is the contributor really calling transgender people “perverts” and “weirdos” and does the contributor understand the difference between TV and TG? I assume a fair proportion of UK Tights customers are TV or TG (they are quite different) and would not expect to see such judgmental and uninformed comments on a blog about sheer tights!

  11. Dear Nikki,
    I’m sure the comment didn’t mean to be offensive and it was only reflexing the criticism he has suffered himself as a male who wears tights. We understand it can feel offensive for some people, so we have removed that particular sentence. As you know, at UK Tights we don’t make any gender distinctions and we treat everyone fairly with the respect every human being deserves.
    Thanks for your comment, Nikki. We invite you to keep reading our posts and taking part in the discussion with your comments. Thanks again.
    UK Tights team

  12. I’m a male tights obsessed lover I literally have a draw full pair after pair boxs of 3 boxs of 5 single pairs my favourite colour is the lighter ones I find bamboo matches my legs well I like the smooth knit tights 100% nylon these are cheap and basic I’ve had mostly good positive remarks from women that think it’s a good ideal

  13. Hi Matthew,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We invite you to try tights with Nylon and a small percentage of Spandex/Elastane. You may find them more comfortable to wear, as they are more elasticated and, hence, they adapt to your body shape. It’s always good (and fun!) to try different tights styles to compare :)
    Thanks again,
    UK Tights team

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