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Bonnie Doon

A change of the fashion season is always an exciting time, and new trends and designs are forever a favourite talking point at UK Tights. This year has been witness to a revamp of classic designs, with Italian designers like Trasparenze giving us the Renaissance, and young designers like Pamela Mann giving us classic Pop …

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Essential Legwear for the Dominatrix: Leather style for the Dominatrix

The biggest material this season is most definitely leather. The Dominatrix look is in for sure and with that comes the most necessary of materials, black leather. While Hermès and Jean Paul Gaultier have unleashed brown leather in the form of Amelia Earhart style 1940’s flying jackets, other designers are sticking with black, such as …

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Summer Sheers

With summer in full swing, most people are abandoning high denier legwear in favour of sheers, and with the weather getting gradually warmer; some are leaving tights alone completely. However, the Pretty Polly Natural range, a variety of sheer tights, hold-ups, knee highs, and ankle highs are designed to keep the wearer cool and enhance …