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Limited Edition Pierre Mantoux Two Stars Tights
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Everything You Could Ever Want This Christmas

Christmas shopping is, right now, the thing on everyone’s mind. Thankfully, shopping online for Christmas presents is getting easier and shoulder-barging to the till is getting less fashionable. Nowadays, you need only worry about what to actually get folks… But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have a Christmas presents section on the homepage …

Club Sandwich
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Join the Club

Recently, our Technical Department put together a delightful little gadget, a button, that sends you to the UK Tights YouTube channel. Good for them! Now, we have to say that this new add-on really impressed us all, and hopefully, it will make information sharing much easier. Also, while Santa’s Elves the Technical Department were making this YouTube button, …

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Monkey Business

It’s been a problem that’s plagued women since the invention of the heel. Men can’t understand it, women can’t avoid it, and it will never stop. I’m talking about that most terrible curse… achy feet! Well… men can understand aching feet, but not the high-heel kind of aching feet. Even I, blogger extraordinaire and reviewer …

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Dancer’s Tights

Dance tights: If you dance yourself, you’ll know just how annoying it is to find a pair of tights that do their job on the dance floor. You’ve probably gone through pair after pair, but don’t seem to be able to find the ones you can actually dance in. I always think how it’s a real shame that good brands put so much effort …

Valentina Coloured Violet Holdups
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Look Sensational with Coloured Tights

Who’d have thought coloured tights would become so fashionable this year? They’re really on trend now and every other request we get is for more and more different colours – it seems they’re an all-year-round sensation! I have to warn you; coloured hosiery is a difficult thing to pull off, “matching” and “complimenting” are my normal …