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School Tights, How to Make Their Uniform Look Fabulous!

UK Tights is all about choice. But recently we realised something was missing from our children’s tights range. School tights. They’re something we’ve never done before and there’s nothing we don’t do! We’ve done some searching and we think we’ve found an excellent brand to start with. PEX can make their uniform look fabulous PEX …

Corset Laurie in stockings
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The Corset – Valentines Day, The Conclusion

Today’s the day we talk about our mystery item! The very special item for the perfect Valentines Day gift! In our last post, we asked what could sum up “sexy” better than stockings. The corset! It’s traditional, beautiful and sophisticated. It’s the epitome of “sexy” and the perfect luxury gift. But which corset is the right …

Limited Edition Pierre Mantoux Two Stars Tights
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Everything You Could Ever Want This Christmas

Christmas shopping is, right now, the thing on everyone’s mind. Thankfully, shopping online for Christmas presents is getting easier and shoulder-barging to the till is getting less fashionable. Nowadays, you need only worry about what to actually get folks… But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have a Christmas presents section on the homepage …