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In Praise of Being Completely Neurotic (on a Unicycle)

Have you seen our homepage today? If so, you’ll know we’ve decided to do a huge amount of body work to our site. We’re stripping it down, respraying its hull and tweaking its build so it runs like a dream! We’ve chosen a clean, minimal layout. Our pages are all about simplistic features, straightforward operations and a easy flow …

snow tights
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3 Reasons to be That Annoying Person Who’s Already Finished Christmas Shopping

More Winter blogness for you today! And yet another revival of a classic pattern. Well, we use classic very loosely. You may remember this particular arrangement and colour scheme from such embarrassing encounters as dinner with strange maybe-relatives, inebriated out-of-tune singing and standing on Tonka trucks in bare feet. Yes, it’s the classic Christmas sweater! Now you might be asking …

Sensation 20 Denier Seamless Tights
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5 Reasons Why Falke is the Future of Leg Wear

Today we’re taking a look at a fantastic surprise from Falke. Something that’s only just arrived, and has left us all speechless!   Enter “Sensation”! With a design like this, we never know where to start. Falke’s quality is unrivalled, but it’s the extra features we are excited about. So, today we’ve picked out 5 of …