Best Legwear Style of 2014

If you follow any of UK Tights’ Social Media pages, you must have already seen our hosiery featured by Fashion and Lifesytle bloggers. Figuring out how to style a brand new pair of fashion tights isn’t always easy, particularly when you shop some patterned tights. We adore Fashion bloggers, as they’re an inspiration for everyday and party outfits.

We’ve gone through all the outfits featured by our favourite bloggers in 2014 and we’ve chosen a selection their pictures featuring legwear style. It’s been difficult, but here you have: The Best Legwear Style of 2014 by UK Tights.

Nicole' (Coco Made Her Do It) lives the Wolford Experience

Floral patterned fishnets for a cocktails evening by Carol

She and Hem love UK Tights and we love them! Cosy opaque tights to finish a very chic retro-inspired outfit Jenny proves white opaque tights are a must-have item Back seams for an everyday outfit? Rachael says yes

Gizzy loves featuring crazy patterned tights

You can match your couple's outfit too

From fully fashioned tights to lovely plain opaque tights, you can’t deny hosiery seems to put together their outfits. Fashion bloggers prefer tights to stockings, but each leg wear style is quite different each other. We can’t go for a single favourite, so we’d like to know your opinion on this matter.

Who of these bloggers feature the Very Best Legwear Style of 2014? Leave us a comment with your favourite! 

The Most Popular Fashion Blogger will get a gift from UK Tights. The winner will be chosen from the votes in the comments below. Closing date: 6/01/2014. 

(10) Comments

  1. Time’s up! We’ve got a winner… well, two winners: She & Hem (picture 3). Congrats to the winners!

  2. Val says:

    Those She and Hem girls are the cutest! They get my vote!

  3. Joey says:

    She and Hem! x

  4. Hi Carolyn, so 1 more vote to She and Hem! Cheers

  5. carolyn says:

    That’s a pretty good collection. The duo in picture 3 look fab!

  6. says:

    She & Hem for the Tights-based win

  7. The Legslavish vote goes to Cocktails and Caroline. Congratulations to everyone.

  8. ian sherwood says:

    yes the last photo shows tights look good on both people

  9. The last photo with the guy in black and white pattern tights, thats my vote! 🙂

  10. Wow thanks!!! 🙂

    Legwear Fashion For Men

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