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Autumn-Winter Essentials: New Oroblu Natural Fibres

Winter is cold and long, but your legs don’t have to suffer. You can see winter as an opportunity to be creative and mix and match your outfits with cosy hosiery. Italian designer Oroblu have revolutionised their autumn-winter collection with a new technology, resulting in finer and more comfortable fibres. Looking for natural fibres and great design? Check out the New Oroblu Natural Fibres.

Oroblu Natural Fibres: Fine Cotton

oroblu natural fibres fine cotton

Oroblu Cynthia Natural Fibres Tights – Cobalto (£18.99), Oroblu Cynthia Natural Fibres Knee Highs – Blue (£8.99) and Oroblu Renee Natural Fibres Tights – Violet (£18.99)

Oroblu’s fine cotton fibres makes them perfect even for the most sensitive skins. Cotton fibres are not only smoother than wool, but also more resistant to washing than other natural fibres.

Oroblu Natural Fibres: Fine Cotton Wool

oroblu natural fibres fine cotton wool

Oroblu Brittany Natural Fibres Tights – Wool (£22.99) and Oroblu Brittany Natural Fibres Knee Highs – Wool (£10.99)

High quality wool with the smoothness only cotton can provide in trendy colours, to match with your everyday looks. Perfect cosy winter tights, no matter how cold is it out there.

Oroblu Natural Fibres: Fine Cashmere Blend

oroblu natural fibres fine cashmere blend

Oroblu Hilda Fine Cashmere Rolled Cuff Socks – Cyclamen (£10.99), Oroblu Debra Fine Cashmere Plain Socks Cyclamen (£10.99) and Oroblu Gwen Fine Cashmere Cable Socks – Cyclamen (£10.99)

How can these socks be so smooth and cosy at the same time? Easy: Their 40% of wool makes them cosy and comfy, while their 10% of cashmere gives that extra smoothness you want in your winter socks.

How amazing is the Oroblu Natural Fibres collection! Have a browse at the Oroblu Natural Fibres section and let us know what is your favourite product? What about your colour?

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